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The Challenged Materials Review Committee is comprised by two Matanuska-Susitna librarians, two members from the Matanuska-Susitna Library Advisory Board, and the Parks Recreation and Library Services Manager. The Committee may meet during the regular Library Board Monthly Meeting and at other times on an as needed basis. They may review up to 5 material objections per meeting.

Our Borough libraries follow a selection policy that focuses on the perceived value and interest of materials to our community. We strive to offer a diverse collection for all ages and education levels, encouraging readers to explore different perspectives. Materials that both challenge and provide familiarity are chosen, in accordance with the selection policy. It's important to note that, even though they might be the first point of contact, library staff and volunteers are not responsible for justifying acquisitions.

Challenged Materials Review Process:

Patrons who wish to challenge a library material can submit a written Request for Reconsideration to the Recreational and Library Services Manager. The manager will involve the librarian responsible and request a written report on their discussions with the patron within 30 working days. Based on the report, a Challenged Materials Review Committee will convene. The committee will thoroughly evaluate the material, consider external reviews, and allow the patron and librarian to make oral presentations. The committee's decision will be communicated to the patron within 10 business days. If the patron disagrees, they can request a reconsideration from the Community Development Director, who will make a final decision considering all provided documentation.

Please check the Public Meetings schedule for specific meeting information.

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