• Description:
    The proposed improvements include a storage tank, a new well, pumps, head works and treatment buildings, water distribution pipeline replacements and loop connections.
  • Benefits:
    Adequate water storage and a new raw water source will ensure the community’s ability to effectively provide safe, cost-effective, drinking water and fire protection services to residents and summer visitors. Currently there is no storage system for water. A storage tank will help to prevent low pressure situations, protecting water quality and provide the flowrates recommended for firefighting. A new well could potentially eliminate the operating costs associated with arsenic treatment in the existing water supply aquifer.
  • Status:
    The well and storage phase of project is in the exploration phase, which samples potential new source wells for water quality. This fall (2023) we will begin the investigation phase to determine the necessary extent of pipeline upgrades and replacements.
  • Cost:
    $5.75 milliion
  • Schedule:
    Investigations 2023, Design 2024, Construction 2025-26
  • Contact: