Matanuska-Susitna Borough

RSA #21 Big Lake Road Projects

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Paving: Drainage upgrades and paving for subdivision roads throughout the Mat-Su Borough Road Upgrade: Typically include widening the roadway to a uniform 24-foot width, ensuring the road is within the public right-of-way, improving drainage to keep water and snow melt off of the roadway, and improving the road bed and surface materials.

Project Benefits

Paving: Eliminate airborne dust, improve air quality, improve visibility, extend life of road, smooth driving surface, and reduce erosion potential Road Upgrade: Reduce overall maintenance costs and provide safer, more efficient and more enjoyable access to and from the areas that the road serves.


Paving Contact: Jamie Taylor, MSB Project Manager, 907-861-7765 Upgrade Contact: Alex Senta, MSB Project Manager, 907-861-7763