Matanuska-Susitna Borough

Safe Routes to Schools


The Planning Division is partnering with the Public Works Department, GIS Division, and the Mat-Su Borough School District (MSBSD) to create walking plans for each Borough School. 

For each school, a committee of staff planners, engineers, and school representatives scores (1) individual routes along roads and (2) crossings to determine safer vs. more hazardous routes. Criteria include:

  • Traffic Volumes
  • Traffic Type (e.g. commercial, vs. residential vehicles)
  • Safe Walking Area (e.g. separated path, shoulder width)
  • Posted Speed Limit
  • Pedestrial Age Level
  • Road Width
  • Traffic/Pedestrian Control (e.g. signage, markings, school zone flashers)
  • Visual and Physical Obstructions
  • Surrounding Land Use

Using the scores, the committee will put together an online, interactive map that shows routes and crossings deemed safer, and barrier roads that are not recommended for walking or crossing. This map will be made publicly available once complete. As always, parents/guardians should exercise discretion in determining whether to allow the children in their care to walk to school.

The following is a draft map for Teeland Middle School, Mat-Su Career and Tech High School, and Fronteras Spanish Immersion Charter School.

SMP Schools Walking Plan

Project Benefits

These plans will help students, parents, and school administrators better understand which routes are safer for kids walking to school; and which routes should be avoided. These walking plans also serve as a launching point for future improvements by recommending options to make walking safer; and to expand walking area boundaries so more kids can safely walk or bike to school.

One school scored monthly.

Project Status

Completed: Big Lake (BLE) Teeland Middle (TMS) Colony HS (CHS) Dena'ina (DNE) Colony Middle (CMS) Mat-Su Career Tech (CTS) Goose Bay (GBE) Redington HS/MS (RJS) Knik (KNE) Palmer High (PHS) Larson (LRE) Machentanz (MZE) Meadow Lakes (MLE) Pioneer Peak (PPE) Shaw (JSE) Talkeetna (TKE) Tanaina (TNE) Sherrod (SHE) Swanson (SWE) Iditarod (IDE) Cottonwood (CWE) Snowshoe (SSE) Sutton (STE) Finger Lake (FLE) Butte (BTE) Willow (WLE) Trapper Creek (TCE)


Adam Bradway
Planner II
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