Matanuska-Susitna Borough

Trunk Road Connector / Katherine Drive


The purpose of this project is to provide safe access to Pioneer Peak Elementary School, the commercial businesses just south and west of the school, and a major residential subdivision to the east of Trunk Road. This connector will create an alternate access onto Trunk Road for school and business related traffic. Anticipated changes to traffic patterns on the Palmer-Wasilla Highway have increased the necessity of this connecting roadway project.

The project will consist of a two-lane collector road north of Pioneer Peak Elementary School running east and west between the existing Stringfield Road (Old Trunk Road) and the new four-lane Trunk Road. The two-lane connector will include intersection lighting at the new Trunk Road and pedestrian amenities such as a separated pathway.

Katherine Drive Concept map


In addition to the western portion connecting to Stringfield Road, an eastern connection designated as Katherine Drive will provide a connection to Midtown Estates. This connection will provide the adjacent residential area direct access to Trunk Road as an alternative to accessing the Palmer-Wasilla Highway. 

Project Benefits

  • Safe and efficient road access to Pioneer Peak Elementary School.
  • Provides an alternate access to the elementary school reducing congestion near the current entrance.
  • Provides a secondary access to the adjacent residential area which would reduce congestion on the Palmer-Wasilla Hwy.

Project Status

Preliminary engineering services and design to 95% is complete.

Field work has been completed for environmental, hydraulic and hydrologic design, survey for design and geotechnical investigation. ROW acquisition is complete.

The corridor has been cleared, an approach pad constructed and a culvert placed for intermittent stream flow at the Stringfield Road intersection.

An update in permitting, specifications and current standards for completion is needed before the construction of the remaining alignment begins.