Matanuska-Susitna Borough

Trunk Road Extension South


This project extends Trunk Road southward from the Parks Highway to Nelson Road. This is a critical connection needed to address increased development and growth south of the Parks Highway as well as traffic congestion. The project purpose and need is to respond to a growing community by providing improved highway access to the area south of the Parks Highway and east of Fairview Loop. This project also serves to develop an integrated roadway network that respects individual neighborhoods, minimizes through traffic, and facilitates efficient movement of pedestrians and vehicles. This new 1.5-mile road segment includes 12’ travel lanes, 8’-paved shoulders and a 10’ multi-use pathway. A new bridge is included to cross the Alaska Railroad mainline with the existing bridge at Wasilla Creek scheduled to be replaced. A multi-leg roundabout on the south side of the Parks Highway Interchange is also part of the project.

Project Benefits

* Improves safety and reduces traffic congestion in a critical area of growth and development. * Provides alternative access to a number of existing large subdivisions and proposed residential and commercial developments south of the Parks Highway. * Provides improved access to Machetanz Elementary School.

Project Status

Construction of a new six-legged roundabout south of the Trunk Road Interchange bridge is completed and open to traffic: two legs for the Parks Highway on/off ramps, two legs for the Fireweed frontage road, one leg for the existing Trunk Road Interchange bridge and one leg for the new alignment heading south to our extension. The highway bridge over the Alaska Railroad mainline is complete. A highway roadbed with separated pedestrian/bike pathway is paved from the roundabout to the bridge over the Alaska Railroad mainline. All fill has been placed and final D-1 placement underway. Road opening was August 11, 2017. Paving south of the bridge over the Alaska Railroad will be completed by end of September.


Bob Walden PE, MSB Project Manager 861-7726

Project Docs

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Project Cost

$19M is designated for this project from a combination of Borough & State sources. The Borough funds are from the sale of 2011 road bonds approved by residents of the Borough. State matching funds are provided through a grant from the DCCED to the Borough. Additional funding in the amount of $4.5M was provided through a 2013 school access bond package which requires at 50% state match. Due to the current lack of State funds, this is not available.