Matanuska-Susitna Borough

Fire Code Intake List for AMCO

Marijuana buildings (retail, cultivation, extraction, product manufacturing, and testing facilities) fall under our jurisdiction for review and approval. Please note that completing this form is specific only to the Central Mat-Su Fire Service Area.

Step 1: Your building's occupancy type will be an F-1, and a plan review is required. Provide the following in your submittal;

  • Click the download file button below to start the plan review application
  • Newly constructed buildings may need full stamped drawings; Architectural and Engineering.
  • A scaled site plan showing distances to property lines and buildings (N, E, S, W)
  • A floor plan of the entire building (exit doors, exit lights, emergency lights, stairs)
    • Stairs detail: rise/run, handrails, guards, and width with closed risers
  • Construction details to include: floor, interior/exterior walls, floor/ceiling and ceiling/roof assemblies
  • Types and amounts of hazardous chemicals, and MSDS's used in the building that are in bulk and hazardous (i.e., C02, fertilizers, insecticides, propane, butane, etc.) IBC Table 307
  • Fire Extinguishers mounted with a minimum 75’ travel distance (Exits)
  • Manufacturers listing/specifications or approvals for lighting, heating & ventilation equipment (UL)
  • Depending on scope; a letter asking for an exception be considered allowing administrator licensed individuals for the Mechanical and Electrical Systems; (ME, MA, Etc.)
  • As-builds and/or structural analysis may be required for structural safety (Seismic, Gust, Ground Snow Load)

Step 2: Submit a complete packet (one hard copy and one electronic copy)

Step 3: A fee letter will be generated. New construction is based on square footage, tenant improvements are based on project cost. Fees must be paid before the review begins. Please note: if you begin construction or renovation before the review is complete, a special processing fee will be charged and a stop work issued.

Step 4: After we receive the fee, we will review your documents for approval. We will provide our decision in writing, either as a correction letter or an approval letter and certificate.

Step 5: Once your facility is approved, completed and inspected, the Fire Marshal designee will sign and send the compliant request back to AMCO. 

If you have questions, please email us at the address listed above.