Matanuska-Susitna Borough

Platting Services

The Platting Division oversees platting services and the subdivision of land within the Matanuska-Susitna Borough. Division staff assist the public in understanding and complying with the subdivision requirements specified by state and borough regulations. This involves the review of proposals to subdivide land; dedicate public use easements; vacate public rights-of-way, vacation of section line easements, and right-of-way acquisitions.

Platting staff processes applications and prepares recommendations for subdivisions, right-of-way vacations, public use easements, right-of-way acquisition plats and provides staff support to the Platting Board.

Any Platting action process always starts with a completed Pre-Application Form. Please complete and submit in person or by mail with $50.00 to start this process. Please contact Plattting staff if the proposed action is an elimination of common lot line. If you have further questions, please call us at 907-861-7874.

Staff works with the State of Alaska Recorders Office to facilitate recording of subdivision plats and resolutions. The State provides copies of recorded subdivision plats and file information to the public upon request. All proposed actions that require a public hearing are acted upon by the Platting Authority, either the Platting Board or, in the case of abbreviated plats, the Platting Officer.

Platting staff reviews road names to insure road names are not duplicated in spelling or sound to avoid confusion with existing names within an established emergency service area.

The Platting office is located on the second floor of the Borough Building in Palmer.

Platting Board

The Platting Board acts on applications for preliminary plats, variances, public use easements, plat note amendments and vacation of public interest. The Platting Board also acts on appeals of the Platting Officer's decision.

Platting Fees

Platting Fes are set by the Assembly in borough code. They can be seen on the platting fees page.

Subdivision Construction Manual

The Subdivision Construction Manual sets out to establish standards for the design and construction of transportation networks, ensuring a coherent and high-quality infrastructure.  It offers valuable information and guidelines for the design, construction, and upgrade of roads, drainage facilities, and utilities situated within rights-of-way. Its objectives extend to developing and maintaining a transportation system that is not only safer but also more efficient for its users. Finally it helps to minimize the effort required for operation and maintenance, thereby optimizing the longevity and functionality of the borough's transportation infrastructure.

Platting Procedures

The Platting Division of the Planning and Land Use Department daily receives requests from land owners, real estate brokers, developers, land surveyors, engineers and others on procedures involved in subdividing land, granting easements for public access and vacations of rights-of-way and section line easements.
All proposed actions requiring a public hearing are acted upon by the Platting Authority, either the Platting Board or, in the case of abbreviated plats, waivers and 40-acre exemptions, the Platting Officer.
The pre-application request is where the petitioner informs the Platting Staff of their development plans and the Platting Staff informs the petitioner of borough development policies, public improvements, platting procedures, timelines & requirements. 
It is the responsibility of the applicant to become independently familiar with the policies, procedures and standards for approval of an application under the provision of MSB Title 43.
After the pre-application request, the petitioner may prepare an application for approval of his proposed action. The type of application (subdivision, easement, vacation, etc.) will determine the timeframe from submittal to approval. The preliminary plat approval request must be submitted no less than 45 days before the regular meeting of the Platting Board, at which the proposed action is to be considered. In the case of abbreviated plats, the public hearing will be within 30 days of submittal. Application fees are to be paid at this time. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
When a complete application is received, it will be held until a platting agenda cut-off date. Within ten business days after the cut-off date, the Platting Division will circulate the proposal to various borough, state and other governmental agencies for comment. If the property lies within the boundaries of a Community Council, the council will also receive a copy of the proposal for comment.
When required, it is the petitioner’s responsibility to submit proposals for community water supply or wastewater systems directly to the State of Alaska, Department of Environmental Conservation.
For Platting Board meetings, Notices of Public Hearing shall be sent by mail to all record property owners in the existing subdivision, and within 1200’ of the petition area, or the owners of the nearest five parcels of land, whichever is greater.   
For abbreviated plats, right-of-way acquisition maps, or waivers, Notices of Public Hearing  shall be mailed to all record property owners within a minimum distance of 600 feet of the exterior boundary of the property that is the subject of the application, or to the record owners of at least the five tax parcels nearest the property that is the subject of the application, whichever is the greater number of parcels.  The notices will announce the date, time and location of the public hearing as well as the description of the proposed action and the names of the parties requesting the action. Postage and advertising fees are paid by the petitioner. A letter will be sent informing them of the amount due.
As agencies and the Platting Staff review the proposal, the petitioner may be asked to meet with the agencies that have questions. The petitioner will be notified of such meetings by the Platting Staff or the agency questioning the action.
Approximately five days before the public hearing, staff recommendations on the proposed action are available for review in the Platting Division. The staff recommendations will be based upon Title 43, the data received from the reviewing agencies, adopted borough plans and sound platting principles. The petitioner may pick up a copy of these recommendations at the Platting Division prior to or at the public hearing.
Each petition is scheduled on the Platting Authority’s agenda. The Platting Authority follows the agenda in the order in which the petitioners are listed. The Platting Authority will conduct a public hearing as follows:
1. Announcement of case to be heard.
2. Platting Staff presents the proposal & staff’s recommendations.
3. The Platting Authority may question the staff.
4. Public hearing is opened to anyone who wishes to speak regarding the proposal.
5. Following testimony from all interested public present, the public hearing is closed or continued.
6. Petitioner or their representative discusses the proposal and staff recommendations with the Platting Authority.
7. The Platting Authority then renders a decision on the petition. It takes at least four positive votes by members of the Platting Board to approve the petition.
NOTE: The Platting Board hears requests for subdivisions, variances, public use easements, plat note amendments, vacations and extensions. The Platting Board meets on the first and third Thursday of each month. The Platting Officer holds a public hearing for abbreviated plat and right-of-way acquisition submittals only. Abbreviated plat hearings are held on Wednesdays.
NOTE: 40-acre Exemption applications are handled administratively (without public hearing) and are not subject to public noticing & advertising. Waivers applications are handled administratively (without public hearing) and are subject to public noticing & advertising.
If the Platting Authority approves the request, the petitioner has six years in which to finalize the application. Extensions of these timeframes may be granted by the Platting Officer and Platting Board if the conditions supporting the approval have not materially changed.
The final plat presented for recording is required to be signed by a professional land surveyor. Recording fees are paid by the petitioner.
Reconsiderations and Appeals of Platting Authority decisions must be filed, with appropriate fees, by an interested party within the timeframe specified in borough code. Appeals to Platting Officer decisions will be heard by the Platting Board. Appeals to Platting Board’s decisions may be made under the provisions of MSB 15.39 and are heard by the Board of Adjustments and Appeals.