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Point MacKenzie Townsite

Pt Mac The MSB Assembly created the Point MacKenzie Townsite through Resolution 13-007 "in anticipation of, and as a demonstration of support for a bridge across the Knik Arm...supports layout, planning and development of town sites on public land adjacent to Alsop Road..."

The Knik Arm Bridge is a legislative priority of the Borough. It will provide access to developable lands for commercial, industrial, and residential uses. With over 60% of Alaska's population residing in the Matanuska-Susitna and Anchorage, comprising the largest and strongest regional economy, there will be an immediate development pressure as a result of the bridge in the community of Point MacKenzie.

In anticipation of the Knik Bridge, the Assembly identified as the townsite approximately three square miles of Borough owned land along Alsop Road adjacent to Port MacKenzie. With direction by the Assembly, multiple Borough Departments are collaborating on a master plan for the Point MacKenzie Townsite. These planning efforts will result in a modern city, focused on a pedestrian friendly main street and downtown core surrounded by mixed use and residential areas, within the identified townsite should the Knik Arm Bridge be built.

DRAFT Development Code

The draft Point MacKenzie Townsite Development Code provides form-based guidelines with minimum standards. This Code is required to develop a compact city with transitional districts. This type of development is focused on creating a walkable town with a Main Street and its own unique character.

Point Mackenzie Transects Pic

Pt Mac District Conceptual Map

There would be a transition from a rural area into a defined town edge that leads into a dense town core. An emphasis is placed upon the placement of buildings, streets, and civic spaces rather than land use. The purpose is to create a vibrant, walkable, mixed-use community with a high quality of life. The Code standards would only apply to the area within the Point MacKenzie townsite boundaries.

Public review of the first draft of the development code occurred July 31, 2014 to September 29, 2014. The development code is currently undergoing internal review and editing. It is anticipated that the second draft will be available for public review late summer 2015.


From Rural to Downtown

Pt Mac Guide

A visual reference provided for a better understanding of the draft Point MacKenzie Townsite Development Code.

The draft Point MacKenzie Townsite Code standards found in this brochure, if accepted by the Assembly, will assist with the development of the town site. As the Knik Arm Bridge becomes more of a potential reality, a plan needs to be in place to make the best use of available lands, and to create a traditional town in which people will enjoy residing in, recreating, and visiting.

Imagine many years from now, when then the area is developed into a town. Then into a full-fledged gateway city to the bountiful opportunities available in the Alaskan Interior. A city with attractive neighborhoods where people can live locally and feel part of a vibrant community. A city that attracts and supports a variety of residents, activities, and economic opportunities. If properly implemented, the Code, will fulfill that vision.

Support Documents

Assembly Resolution Supporting Townsite Planning
Point MacKenzie Community Comprehensive Plan
  • The comprehensive plan includes a list of things to be included in the conceptual town master plan.  These items have been taken into consideration and include a town square, trails, parks, access to Goose Bay State Game Refuge, a library, health clinic, service station, school sites, post office, community center, grocery store, café, hotel, police station, multifamily development, and a maintenance facility.
Point MacKenzie Townsite Resource Presentation
  • This comprehensive booklet highlights the various characteristics of the town site concept with pictures and multiple breakdowns of the conceptual master plan map.  This presentation was used at a meeting with the Point MacKenzie Community Council on August 7, 2013.



Slope Percentage Map- Based on LIDAR
Conceptual Draft Point MacKenzie Townsite Map
Point MacKenzie Townsite Location Map

Public Comments

Public Comments

Town Site Open House Comments
Residential Subdivision Alternatives Public Comments Febr...

Event: Developer Focus

On August 15, 2013 the Borough held an event for developers from the greater south central region to discuss the conceptual Point MacKenzie Townsite.  The event was a luncheon that included a presentation and electronic survey session.  The survey session was conducted by Information Insights of Anchorage.  Attendees were used as a focus group for information specifically related to the town site’s viability and infrastructure needs.  All of the event's general information and facilitation was provided by the Borough. MAT-SU Business Alliance acted as the event's host. In attendance were 12 developers, 3 members of the Point MacKenzie Community Council, 2 general members of the public, and various members of Borough staff. The presentation, invitee list, and survey results are all available through the links below:
  • Presentation - Developer Focus Group
  • Survey Questions and Results
  • Invitee List