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Borough Land Sales

The Borough offers land sales for multiple reasons. We have Tax & LID foreclosure sales, Competitive Bid Sales, Over-the-Counter Land Sales, Agricultural Land Sales, and more.

Tax & LID Foreclosure Sale

The Matanuska-Susitna Borough obtains ownership by foreclosure for non-payment of taxes and special assessments (LID) by judicial clerk's deed. These parcels are only available when offered in a sale.  Parcels are eligible for sale two years after clerk's deed has been received.  These sales are "cash only"; there is no financing offered by the Borough.  The former record owner can repurchase the parcel pursuant to Alaska Statute at any time prior to the sale of the property.

Current Tax & LID Foreclosure Sales

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Closed Tax & LID Foreclosure Sales

TS44 Final Results
TS44 Sealed Bid Opening Results


Land Sales

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Parcels that are new on the market are offered through a Competitive Land Sale. A minimum bid is established for each parcel and the qualified party who offers to purchase the property for the highest amount, at or above the minimum bid price, shall be named the successful bidder.

Parcels that are not sold through the Competitive Land Sale will be made available through future Over-the-Counter Land Sales. These parcels are offered on a first-come first-served basis for the purchase price listed in the brochure.

Current Competitive & OTC Land Sales

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Closed Competitive & OTC Land Sales

Final Results 2021 Competitive Sealed Bid Land Sale
Final Results 2023 Spring Over the Counter Land Sale

Agricultural Land Sale

Agricultural Land Sale Programs

Often the borough receives inquiries about MSB agricultural land sale programs. This summary is intended to provide a brief description of each MSB agricultural land sale program that has occurred since the borough was formed in 1964. The land used for these programs was acquired by the borough as Municipal Entitlement Lands (MEL) from the State of Alaska.

Current Agricultural Land Sales

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