Matanuska-Susitna Borough

Assembly Adopts FY24 Budget

Mat-Su | Stefan Hinman | Tuesday, May 09, 2023

The Matanuska-Susitna Borough FY24 budget was adopted after just one night of deliberations by the Assembly, reducing the areawide mill rate to 8.396 and non-areawide to .387. This results in a 5.67% decrease from the current mill rate of 8.901 and a 1.28% decrease for non-areawide.

The combination of a lower millrate and an increased valuation of the average single family residence from $320,688 in FY23 to $354,162 in FY24 (10.44% increase), means the average taxpayer will see a total  increase in taxes of $130 over the previous year (4.377% increase). 

The evening began with six amendments on the table to the proposed budget and ended up with a total of ten, including an amendment by Assembly Member Fonov aimed at helping to dispose of junk cars. Assembly Member Yundt was pleased with the budget process and professionalism of his peers, and gave credit to the Manager and Finance Department for their hard work. "There were some great, very creative ammendments tonight that definitely touched borough communities."

Budget Amendments:

1:  Remove waste container replacement/refurbishment from SWD capital: $200,000

2:  Reduce local education funding by $5,000,000 and lower mill rate by .379 mills

3:  Add $40,000 from the projected fund balance for Big Lake Lions Club

4:  Add $50,000 from the projected fund balance for the Bodenburg compound project, scope to be determined

5:  Add $20,000 from the projected fund balance to Skeetawk for economic study for a total of $170,000

6: Add $50,000 from the projected fund balance for elections computers

7: Add $10,000 for disc golf baskets for Alcantra from the projected fund balance

8: Remove Vac Truck from RSA equipment/vehicles capital ($315,000)

9:  Reduce projected fund balance by $329,903 and lower mill rate by .025 mills

10: Increase SWD vehicle removal fund by $50,000 to enable reimbursements for tow fees for residents to have junk vehicles removed from their property; criteria to be developed in conjunction with Assemblymember Fonov

The Assembly has until 5pm on May 10 to submit a reconsideration. If there are no reconsiderations, the Wednesday and Thursday meetings scheduled this week for deliberations will be canceled.

For more information contact: Stefan Hinman, Public Affairs Director/907-861-8520/This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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