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Sam the 17-foot Python Slithers into View

Mat-Su | Patty Sullivan | Monday, May 08, 2017

Sam, the 17-foot python, who disappeared without a trace, just as quietly, slithered back into view 14 days later. The 100-pound albino Burmese python reappeared in the owner's living room around 4 pm today in Meadow Lakes. Matanuska-Susitna Borough Animal Care Officer Darla Erskine, who has seen many a creature, is shown wincing some in this selfie. In addition to the constricting skill of a python for prey, they also have teeth.
The mystery of the missing Alaska pet python not only was a local subject of intrigue, but inquiries to albino Sam's whereabouts traveled across the nation to Seattle, North Carolina, and beyond to German press. Before Sam disappeared, he was fed a 25-pound rabbit, the owner told Erskine.

At one point the amusing snake watch story took a dark turn when a 4-year-old was reported missing in the neighborhood and an Alaska State Trooper was on scene. But the child was found safely, and the snake's trail of evidence grew cold, until today.

"He doesn't know where it was hiding," Erskine wrote. "The owner walked into the living room, and Sam was slithering across the floor."

For more information call Animal Care at 907 761-7501.

Photos by Darla Erskine Mat-Su Borough Animal Care. Press you have permission to publish.



Mat-Su Animal Care Officer Darla Erskine shown wincing some at Sam's approach. Sam is a 17-foot, 100-pound python that can squeeze you to death or sink in teeth if you are considered prey. Back in the living room again, Sam, the albino Burmese python, reappears after many people hunted for him. There he is with his 17-foot pet, Sam. In the bathroom with 100-pound Sam, the albino Burmese python, who went missing.