Matanuska-Susitna Borough

Wildfire Updates am 6/27

Mat-Su | Patty Sullivan | Thursday, June 28, 2007

SPECIAL NOTE: The temporary flight restriction remains in place over the fire area (see the Notice to Airmen). Heavy helicopter and fixed-wing traffic over the fire and between Deska Landing and the fire continues. Please avoid the area if possible.


The Su River Fire is located west of the Susitna River near Trapper Lake .

8,498 Lightning 25% 284

FIRE CAMP/HELIBASE LOCATION: The Incident Base Camp (ICP) is located at the Willow Elementary School in Willow. The helibase is located at the Deshka Landing.


Ordered resources continue to arrive to assist with the suppression efforts.

Hand Crews Engine Helicopters Assigned Helicopters Additional In Use Overhead
12 0 4 2 72


A helicopter flight over the fire perimeter yesterday using a Global Positioning System recalculated the fire size with greater accuracy. As a result, the fire size has been reduced. Crews continue line building, improving saw line, mopping-up, and monitoring to protect structures and extinguish hot spots around the entire burn perimeter. Crews also hunt smoldering hotspots not visible with smoke, by thorough and systematic grid mopping, and cold trailing. In this tactic, a fire fighter cold trails by checking for hot embers by feeling the surface of the blackened fire line with an ungloved hand. In addition, a flight with an infrared camera is scheduled for today to detect other hot spots. Hot spots often smolder for days until hot and dry weather allows ignition. Use of remote spike camps allows crews to remain near firelines at night, reducing travel time and increasing productivity. Five camps are in use near the firelines. Helicopters continue crew support and aid in overall fire line monitoring.


The weather is expected to be warmer and drier with a maximum temperature of 64 - 71 degrees. The chance of precipitation is 40%, minimum relative humidity of 40-46%, light winds from the west at 2-6 mph. Chance of wet thunderstorms