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Plan Overview

The Blodgett Lake LMP provides management guidelines for: the protection of the residential quality of life at Blodgett Lake; the continued recreational enjoyment of Blodgett Lake; the protection of Blodgett Lake's water quality; the protection and enhancement of fish and wildlife; and the protection of the public health, safety, and welfare. * For a summary of lake use specifics, see page 1 of the LMP Summary under Documents **Documents not compatible with all system viewers; please use Adobe

Plan Justification

Blodgett Lake is a small and narrow lake (see Table l of the LMP). The lake's average depth of about 10 feet and its narrowness make it susceptible to noise and the creation of turbid conditions. More specifically, the lake is used by watercraft that move quickly, have sharp and fast turning movements, and operate repetitively in specific areas creating turbid conditions due to the lake's shallow depth. In addition, since the lake is relatively narrow and small, repetitive uses such as water skiing and the use of personal watercraft, ie: jet skis and wave runners create noise and shoreline erosion problems. Surface Area: 57.6 acres Volume: 614.4 acre-feet Max Depth: 29 feet Mean Depth: 10.7 feet Shoreline length: 1.63 mi (information may not be current: taken from Blodgett Lake LMP, pg 10)

Plan Document