Matanuska-Susitna Borough

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Plan Overview

Provides for management of Borough Assets.

Plan Justification

Fish Lake Recreation Area

  • Provide for a new public access at the west end of the lake, to serve the same functionsand replace the traditional (but private) access point that has been used in the past.
  • At the new west access, develop a small parking lot off the Spur Road, and short trailfrom this lot to a new lakefront access point, including a bridge over Gator Creek.Ultimately develop a road over this same route to serve a lake front day use area.
  • Develop low impact trails within the Recreation Area, for hiking, biking and winteruse.Shift the route of the existing, undeveloped Rights-of-Way (ROW) that crosses the FishLake Recreation Area - move it to the north to a more favorable alignment; ultimatelyconstmct a road and perhaps a trail system along this ROW.
  • Close Fish Lake Recreation Area to motorized use other than for the access coll'idor tothe lake at the west end and to private property at the east end, and perhaps along thefuture road. Fish Lake itself, which is outside of the Park, remains open tosnowmachines.
  • Allow for infonnal "backcountiy" camping away from trailheads.

Numbered Lakes Natural Area

  • The goal for this area is to retain and protect its undeveloped natural character, whileproviding limited, well-designed facilities for people to enjoy this attractive andunusual natural landscape.
  • In the near term, develop two access points into the natural area; one north and onesouth. Each of these access points will include a small parking lot, and a short walkingtrail into a view point.
  • Only develop trails in the remainder of the area as required to respond to fhture use andreduce impacts; in general, aim to keep this area a place for exploring a small "backyard wilderness".
  • Close the area to motorized use.
  • Retain the option in the future for certain more developed uses, pa1ticularly asmanagement capacity increases, including camping and, on the eastern side of theparcel, biking and equestrian uses.