Matanuska-Susitna Borough

Green Infrastructure

Linking Landscapes and Communities

What is Green Infrastructure?

Green Infrastructure is an interconnected network of protected land and water that supports native species, maintains natural ecological processes, sustains air and water resources and contributes to the health and quality of life for our communities, people and wildlife.

Why Green Infrastructure?

What Goes into Green Infrastructure?All across the country, open spaces and natural areas are being altered and fragmented so they no longer effectively protect air, soil and water quality, nor can they adequately provide wildlife habitat or recreational opportunities.  In rapidly growing areas of the Mat-Su Borough, green infrastructure elements can easily be lost or negatively impacted if not included in community planning and land conservation efforts. Using a green infrastructure approach in community planning, land and water conservation efforts can be strategically planned in coordination with local communities to protect natural systems and the benefits they provide.

Green Infrastructure Benefits

  • Provides space for recreation, trails and outdoor activities
  • Protects wildlife habitat & migration corridors
  • Filters pollutants from entering water bodies
  • Maintains working lands and farms
  • Absorbs stormwater & reduces costs for man-made drainage systems
  • Connects public facilities (schools and parks)
  • Prevents soil erosion and sedimentation of water bodies
  • Reduces global warming
  • Increases opportunities for active transportation(biking and walking)
  • Attracts tourists and tourism business
  • Provides flood prevention & mitigation