Matanuska-Susitna Borough

Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch promotes neighbors helping neighbors for security and to fight against crime in the community. Neighborhoods participating in the program are identified by “Neighborhood Watch” signs that let everyone know that trained eyes are watching out for the safety of residents and their property.

Interested residents need to contact the Alaska State Troopers for more information. The Mat-Su Borough is no longer the point of contact for this program.

Tips for Discouraging Criminals

  • Do not leave valuables visible in sight (in your house or vehicle).  A wallet, purse, cell phone, gun or jewelry near a door or window can be irresistible to a thief.
  • All entry doors to your home should be equipped with dead bolt locks. If your door has a window in it, the lock should be keyed on both sides.
  • Equip your home with security lights.
  • Do not leave your doors unlocked, or your house unattended, even for a short time. The thieves are opportunists who have victimized our neighbors in situations where the opportunity presented was quite brief, during the day.
  • Lock all ground floor level windows at night.
  • Keep a cell phone nearby to be certain you can contact law enforcement in event of an emergency.
  • Be alert. If you see something suspicious, REPORT it to the police!

Tips for Protecting your Valuables

  • Write down your serial numbers. So simple, yet often neglected.
  • Keep a copy someplace else: bank safety deposit box, or with a trusted family member or a friend. Why? Because if you home burns, floods, or is otherwise destroyed,  your only copy will be gone too.
  • Engrave your drivers license number on tools and equipment without serial numbers. This will help you identify what is yours without question.
  • Photograph and/or video the items everything, especially items which don't have serial numbers or can't be engraved: jewelry, furs, china, paintings, artwork, or other heirlooms. Keep a copy on hand, and another in the bank or off site. This can help you document items to the police or insurance company in case of theft, fire, flood or other destruction.