Matanuska-Susitna Borough

Conditions of Temperature Sensitive Streams


The project focuses specifically on collecting data on the quality of salmon spawning habitat, specifically egg incubation temperature in Mat-Su basin streams identified as being sensitive to increases in air temperature and those thought to be buffered from air temperature effects through groundwater inputs or other characteristics.  The study will develop a better understanding of the interaction between air, surface water and groundwater temperatures and how they relate to salmon incubation on a local scale.

Timeline: Summer 2016-Fall 2018

Project Status

Temperature monitoring locations with fish spawning activity selected: 3 Warm, high sensitivity sites and 3 cold, low sensitivity sites. Temperature Sensitive sites: Meadow Creek, Herkimer Creek, and Fish Creek.  Less temperature sensitive sites: Deception Creek, Willow Creek, Montana Creek.  Data will be collected through 2018 egg incubation periods.  The project extension will allow additional data to be collected through fall 2018 spawning cycle and will be incorporated into final report.  Project team will provide a quality assured temperature database (Excel) and technical report by Fall 2018.