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Talkeetna 205 Project


Virtual Public Meeting

There will be a virtual/in-person public meeting Wednesday, September 22, from 6 to 8 p.m. for anyone interested in learning about the Talkeetna Flood Risk Reduction Study.   The live presentation will be at the Don Sheldon Community Arts Hangar in Talkeetna. The public will have an opportunity to ask questions and submit comments throughout the presentation.
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How to Join the Meeting
The virtual meeting will be conducted via WebEx. Download instructions for joining the meeting. How to Join the Meeting

Flooding caused by river course changes threatens critical infrastructure in Talkeetna including railroad bridges, public businesses, private residences, utilities, and historic properties.

The Army Corps of Engineers is studying this flooding, under Section 205 of the Flood Control Act of 1948, to find engineering solutions that reduces the flood risk to health and safety for the Talkeetna community and its infrastructure over a 50-year period of analysis.


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Project Timeline


Agreement Signed July 2020
Scoping Meetings Sep - Nov 2020
Initial Measures and Alternatives Nov - Dec 2020
Model Results with Existing Data February 2021
1st Public Participation Meeting March 2021
Detail and Assess Alternatives  April - July 2021
Obtain new Survey and Data July - Aug 2021
Relook at Model and Alternatives Aug - October 2021
Review New Survey and Data September 2021
2nd Public Participation Meeting September 2021 n
I.D. Tentatively Selected Plan Nov - Dec 2021
3rd Public Participation Meeting December 2021
Corps’ Approval of “TSP” January 2022
Draft Report for Review Feb - Mar 2022
4th Public Participation Meeting April 2022
Rewrite Report April - June 2022
5th Public Participation Meeting June 2022
Final Report Corps Approved September 2022