Matanuska-Susitna Borough

Trunk Rd Extension South Phase III / Wasilla Creek Bridge Replacement


This project continues our improvements on Trunk Road Extension South.

Phase II of the project ended at Fetlock Drive.

Starting at Fetlock, Phase III will add height to the road embankment, remove the old bridge over Wasilla Creek and construct a new bridge addressing pedestrian, flooding, and safety considerations. This project will provide the connection between the pedestrian/bike pathway that ends at Fetlock Drive and the pathway to Machetanz Elementary School that starts just south of the bridge.

Wasilla Ck Bridge

The project purpose and need is to respond to Alaska Department of Transportation (ADOT) bridge inspections that indicate a need to limit weight loads by 50% as well as repair failing abutments on the existing bridge. The current bridge and roadway have no shoulders for bike or pedestrian traffic.

Project Benefits

Improves safety and reduces traffic congestion in a critical area of growth and development.

Provides alternative access to a number of existing large subdivisions and proposed residential and commercial developments south of the Parks Highway.

Provides improved access to three large subdivisions and Machetanz Elementary School.

Project Status

Completion of Phase II in August of 2017 opened the south leg of the new roundabout at the Parks Highway/Trunk Road Interchange extending south over the Alaska Railroad mainline and tying into Nelson Road near the Fetlock Drive intersection. Phase III continues where Phase II left off by replacing the Wasilla Creek Bridge and extends the pedestrian/bike path. (See photo below) The bridge design was complete as of May 2018. MSB applied for ADOT Community Transportation Program funding to match MSB resident approved bonds to complete the construction phase of this project. The funding is currently scheduled in the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program‘s Amendment #1 which may allow for project construction in 2022-23.


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Project Docs

Fact Sheet October 2020 (pdf 268.17 KB)   |  623 hits

Project Cost

Preliminary ADOT cost estimates place project costs at $3.8M.