Matanuska-Susitna Borough

Wasilla Creek Headwaters Trail


Wasilla Creek is an anadromous stream with significant numbers of salmon in various stages of their life cycle. The Wasilla Creek Headwaters Trail Improvements project is just one of nine (9) trails to be reconstructed, improved and/ or relocated.

The project will restore off-road vehicle (ORV) trail stream crossings, with new fords and bridges in the Matanuska Valley Moose Range located north of Palmer and managed by Alaska Department of Natural Resources and Alaska Department of Fish & Game. This will allow for restoration of fish habitat damaged by traffic at stream crossings.

Potential collaboration with state agencies to make further improvements to the trails and parking area will provide better access for the public.  These improvements are dependent on additional funding through state and federal agencies.

Link to DNR Moose Range Plan:

CURRENTLY, the plan calls for:

1) Relocation of a segment of the trail with two bridges in the swamp to higher ground to the east, and closure of existing trail location

2) Construction of new bridge across Wasilla Creek for trail reroute and removal of old bridges

3) New fords at streem crossing

4) Restore damaged streambanks and wetlands

5) Reroute and repair other sections of the trail as funding allows


Project Benefits

  • Improve fish habitat
  • Provide safer trails for off-road vehicle travel, as well as for non-motorized users, including bikers, skiers and dog mushers

Project Status

Construction in progress. Trail reroute expected to open by August 2022. Please avoid habitat restoration area.

Wasilla Creek Headwaters Trail Survey

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