Matanuska-Susitna Borough

Smart Communities

A Smart Community leverages data, tools, and partnerships to more effectively serve it's citizens.

The internet and the mobile revolution has enable almost everyone to get information instantly. GPS and location services have changed how we know where things are.  Sensors and the Internet of Things  have fundamentally shifted how we deal with our technology. The tools are in place, but their utility is limited by the data we give them.

Vision: We want to use emerging technology to help everyone make better decisions.
Data: We've pulled together some data, but with your help we can turn this into something big.
Tools: Data is fine, but without mapping, applications, mobile apps, and other tools, it's just numbers.
Partnerships: Nobody has the entire picture. Effective partnerships are the only way to make this work.


Smart Communities leverage data, tools, and partnerships.

Smart communities efforts have been in place  for the better part of a decade in large cities such as LA, New York, Minneapolis, and Denver. 

We want to build Smart Communities in Alaska. We know some things, but don't have the entire picture. We have the beginning of a vision, but we're sure there's more. In our first meeting we're going to be forging partnerships and crafting our vision.  

But how do we do that?

In short, we leverage data, tools, and partnerships.

We'd love to have your help to figure out how. Join us at our inaugural meeting.

Datasets are drawn from all around Alaska

These are the datasets we currently have, drawn from x Alaska governments and businesses.



Mat-Su Borough- Assembly District Maps


Mat-Su Borough- Administrative_CityBoundaries


Mat-Su Borough- Administrative_MSBBoundary

AerialImagery (ImageServer)

Mat-Su Borough- AerialImagery (ImageServer)

ArcGIS Server Services

Mat-Su Borough- ArcGIS Server Services

App leverage data in useful & unexpected ways.

Apps use data. Not all of them are complete, but here's what we have.


Mat-Su Borough Careers

Mat-Su Borough- Job openings


Mat-Su Borough- myProperty is the Mat-Su Borough's property lookup tool. You can look up a piece of property, see it's value, and other data about it. It has convenient links to mapping and state data.

State of Alaska Annual Vehicle Miles of Travel

- Daily VMT (DVMT) on a given traffic section is determined by multiplying the estimated Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) by the length of that traffic section.

Tools are great, but partnerships are the secret ingredient.

Smart communities are about a lot more than tools. It's about partnerships and communication. 

ASCLF membership is open to Governments, Businesses, educational institutions,  and non-profit organization with an interest in fostering smart communities in Alaska.  To participate in the ASCLF, contact us here. Or you can come to some of our meetings.

Smart Community events are happening all around

Here are our upcoming events. Check back for more.