Matanuska-Susitna Borough
A Resolution Amending The Budget For The Remote Assessment Survey, Project No. 45137, The Treasury Management Software, Project No. 45189, And The Debt Management/Bond Pricing Software, Project No. 45213, And Approve The Scope Of Work And Budget For Financial Tax Assessment And Collection Software And Training, Project
No. 47506, Fund 480 (Non-Lapsing/Non-Capital Projects).

A Resolution Amending The Scope Of Work And Budget For Project Nos. 47038 And 47520, And Extending The Time Of Completion For Project Nos. 45198, 47006, 47007, 47021, 47038, And 47520; For The Purpose Of Utilizing Unexpended Project Funding As Originally Approved And For The Purchase Of A New Multifunction Scanner For Plats And For Regional Transportation Studies.

A Resolution Approving State Legislative Priorities For Fiscal Year 2018.

A Resolution Supporting Alaska State House Bill No. 6, Establishing The Jonesville Public Use Area. (Sponsored By Assemblymember Sykes)

A Resolution Finding The Annexation Of Properties In The Carney Road Area Into The West Lakes Fire Service Area No. 136 Serves The Public Interest Without The Placement Of The Question On The Ballot. (Sponsored By Assemblymember Doty)

A Resolution Amending The Scope Of Work For Project No. 45040, Municipal Entitlement Lands To Include Trail Surveys.

A Resolution Approving The Appropriation Of $450,000 From The Areawide Capital Reserve And $400,000 From The Land Management Permanent Fund, For A Total Of $850,000 To Fund 450, Project No. 70012, As A Loan To Fund 520, To Fund Repairs To The Port Mackenzie Barge Dock. (Pending)

A Resolution Amending The Budgets For Project Nos. 10027, 10031, 10140, 45066, 45101, And 45268, And Approving The Scope Of Work And Budget For Project No. 10183 To Allow For The Construction Of The New Central Fire Station No. 62, Training Complex And Warehouse.

A Resolution Approving The Scope Of Work And Budget For The Fiscal Year 2017 Community Revenue Sharing Program, Project No. 47033

A Resolution Supporting Full Funding From The State Of Alaska For The School Bond Debt Reimbursement And State Aid For Construction In Regional Education Attendance Areas.

A Resolution Supporting Legislation Adopting Real Property Sales Disclosure In Alaska. (Sponsored By Assemblymember Kowalke)

A Resolution Approving The Amended Scope Of Work And Budgets For The Pending Landfill, Transfer Site, Electrical Upgrades, Project No. 25035.2406; And Residential Scale Replacement At The Central Landfill, Project
No. 25048.2409, To Allow For Repairs, Upgrades And Additions To The Automated Commercial Scale System At The Central Landfill.

A Resolution Supporting The Rewrite Of The Borough’s 1991 Subdivision Construction Manual.

A Resolution Approving The Scope Of Work And Budget For The Alaska State Department Of Commerce, Community, And Economic Development, Division Of Community Advocacy Funds, Project No. 25053, Fund 415, For Equipment And Supplies Needed To Inspect And Repair The Talkeetna Water Distribution And Wastewater Collection Systems.

A Resolution Adopting The Capital Improvement Program For Fiscal Year 2018 to Fiscal Year 2023.